Bridal Beauty

With wedding season coming to an end, I thought now would be a good time to finally write a post on beauty tips for brides to be. Modern brides know that a slight undone, but never sloppy, hairstyle and makeup that makes you look like yourself, only better, is where it’s at. Dated looks you want to avoid include wearing gobs of outdated makeup, stiff updos, those little  hairsprayed curly tendrils that haven’t been in since the ’90s, clashing bridal hair/makeup/styles, wearing hair completely down or as you would on an everyday basis, and more.

Some quick tips for bridal beauty bliss are to always get a trial run of your hair and makeup done in advance, once you have selected who to work with, so there are no surprises as to what you’ll look like on the actual day. When selecting a hair and makeup person, ALWAYS try them out first instead of just looking at their book. If you’re light on money, but still want professional looking makeup, I would suggest trying out someone at a department store makeup counter or makeup shop who is maybe a fledgling makeup artist. Not only will they apply makeup on you for free in store usually, they very often charge less for the big day and tend to be more style conscious and/or funky than traditional makeup artists who specialize in weddings. If you’re getting waxed, plucked or peeled (or getting your hair cut/colored) in advance, please book your appointment for at least a few days in advance of the wedding, so no weird reactions occur and mess up your look. Go to your usual manicurist for your wedding. Manicures and pedicures are one thing you can skimp on, as long as you go to a professional, clean, reputable place that you’re comfortable in.

Most importantly, you want to create an overall look or vision of what you want to look like and stay consistent with that in regards to your appearance and the rest of the wedding. For example, if you’re going for a 1920’s look stick with a faux bob or pin curls, dark lips or dramatic makeup and some type of flapperesque hairpiece that might be good complimentary beauty choices. Likewise, if you’re having a casual, beachfront affair during the daytime, an ornate and beaded ball gown with a long veil and a face full of makeup with a very structured updo might not be the best choices. Gwen Stefani got it right on her big day a few years ago. Her ombre, pink-tinged designer gown fit her personality and event beautifully and the bright yet tasteful gown worked well with her signature vintage makeup and regal but cool hair. Make sure your appearance is a reflection of who you are and your personal style overall.

Some ideas I love for the trendier bride include slightly undone braided styles, vintage-inspired beauty looks, coral makeup or funkier nail color rather than the usual neutrals. Most of all, have fun with it because you’ll most likely never get another chance to try certain beauty looks out again!


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  5. Great post. Glad to see a blog that isn’t so generic looking.

  6. Good post. Glad to see a blog that isn’t so generic looking.

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